Tuesday, January 8, 2013

 Greetings Family, Friends and Fellow Bloggers! 

Between now and the end of January I will be raising funds to buy Curly the Bear for a local fire department who uses these bears, in conjunction with the police and ambulance, for children when they have been called to assist them in times of trouble. It could be a car accident, illness or maybe even the arrest of a parent.

These bears are big and fluffy and come with a gift bag and are wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. They are 21 inches high, 14 inches seated. They are made of ultra-soft polyester with a decorative fabric bow tie and a heart on his paw. (For all ages)

Curly cost $20.00. Here's the thing, if you aren't in a position to buy one (or more...) you can make a donation. For every $20.00 I collect I will purchase a bear. (If I come up short at the end I will pay the balance.) 

You may also order one (or more) for yourself - to give away or keep. Just make sure when you place your order that you let me know that so I can put yours aside for you. 

There is no doubt I would like to be able to donate a bear but it would be great if I could donate several. 

I appreciate your consideration for this project I am currently involved in. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 


AVON Representative

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